reluctant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reluctant meaning in tamil is விருப்பம் இல்லாத, தயங்குதல்

reluctant meaning in tamil with example

reluctant tamil meaning and more example for reluctant will be given in tamil.
With the organizers failing to get the lights on and Railways reluctant to enter the court that mandatory time lapsed and the technical director had no option but to order a rematch. That was the least the boats captain owed to Turkeys reluctant but thoroughly lucid conscience keeper. But the contractors were reluctant to carry out the work citing that the prices of iron and blue metals have gone up. This is particularly pertinent to the Gleneagles aid deal which could very uneasily come unstuck given the huge increases in aid required from reluctant countries such as Germany and Italy 151 of 106 per cent and 276 per cent respectively by 2010. However media commentators say following the attacks on the World Trade Center news organisations were reluctant to challenge the White House on national security. Following the report of a High Court committee on road and drain works asphalt contractors are reportedly reluctant to take up any project in the city. Liberal loans Despite the potential many were reluctant to export their products due to lack of proper guidance and financial assistance. The banks including NABARD are reluctant to lend to the sector as it mainly deals with the processing of perishable items. The Congress always promises cattle and sheep before elections but was reluctant to share power with BCs. Medicinal properties There are tribals who are aware of the medicinal properties of certain plant species but are reluctant to share the information with the outside world.