reluctance meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reluctance meaning in tamil is தயக்கம்

reluctance meaning in tamil with example

reluctance tamil meaning and more example for reluctance will be given in tamil.
Chandy said the cabinet had sanctioned 100 new posts in the animal husbandry sector despite the reluctance of the Government to create new posts as it would help to implement projects for the destitute people. Singh said that as per requirement theekrey pehras night vigil in collaboration with the local people were organised in villages where on previous occasions people had expressed reluctance to stand guard as they preferred to hire some chowkidars. What explains the reluctance to foster innerparty democracy among politicians who are happy to participate in the larger democratic process taking victory and defeat in their stride. This was so because of the lack of awareness on the part of the parents and also the reluctance to examine the private parts of the child. The CPT had stated its reluctance to be part of the project in which a private company Trans Resource Corporation TRC of Malaysia had a stake of 76 per cent. With the inexplicable reluctance to hire a foreign coach of the calibre of Ric Charlesworth or anyone willing to take up the challenge the IHF perforce has to fish around for a few who would go miles to get into the shoes as a the chief coach. The market was lying underutilised for the past seven years mainly because of the lack of coldstorage facilities promotion and the reluctance to shift the local market to the EEC market. We are separately advising the banks and other utility agencies such as Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation Bangalore Electricity Supply Company and post offices not to show any reluctance in accepting these lower denomination coins she said.