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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
religion meaning in tamil is மதம், சமயம்

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Debesh Das President of the Sammelan in his speech referred to the historic ties between Bengal and South India not only in the realm of thought and religion but in the field of politics. He is sceptical of the secular westernised elite for in his view its relentless hostility to religion has steadily deprived it of a spiritual core a vacuum Islamists have sought to fill with increasing success. In his bid to modernise Turkey Kemal Attaturk kept religion out of the public sphere outlawed Dervish sects introduced the Latin alphabet purged Arabic and Persian words from Turkish and generally sought to erase any manifestation of an Eastern influence. The Youth Congress president said that of late religion and caste had been getting undue prominence in society. Peter Flugel of the Centre for Jain studies in the University of London is of the view that it is difficult to combat terrorism through ideals of any religion as they are understood and practised by very few people across the world. He said it is necessary to translate Jain literature into English if the values propagated by the religion are to be imparted to the youths. In the sphere of religion the emphasis is on performance of the prescribed scriptural injunctions which is the fundamental requirement of human life in the world. Hindutvas mix of religion and politics worked as long as the BJP was not in power and remained largely an untried and untested alternative to all other political formations in the country. Shivam Sharma Aligarh U.P. The people should start a movement against reservation and back door entries so that politicians cannot divide them any more on the basis of religion and caste.