relevant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
relevant meaning in tamil is பொருத்தமான

relevant meaning in tamil with example

relevant tamil meaning and more example for relevant will be given in tamil.
At one stage they were warned that continued absence would attract the provisions of relevant rules. The teachings of Sree Narayana Guru are all the more relevant at a time when the lack of good human beings is the main problem facing society Speaker Therambil Ramakrishnan has said. Visuals in the form of illustrations pictures of body parts and their functions should bring about more clarity on relevant topics. After establishing bases in China and India and utilising Indian talent to work on essentially western problems the wheel is finally turning fullcircle IT majors are now seeking to tap local customers in emerging markets by developing affordable relevant solutions for them. Speaking on that occasion Speaker Malvankar made a point relevant to the objection presently raised against the expulsion of the 11 MPs. Sukumaran assured the people that the petitions would be forwarded to relevant departments and necessary action taken. he favoured continuation of the national policy against whaling despite pressure from Japan while some may have a problem with India actively favouring conservation he wrote the whales have even a greater problem. It is an inspiring message relevant to all of Indias threatened biodiversity. Asked to what extent the ideals of Jainism were relevant to contemporary society in the wake of global terror Dr. The Department of Tourism had launched a web site to enable tourists know about important tourism spots and other relevant information. The new technologies that the scientists develop should be economically affordable and relevant to small and marginal farmers.