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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
relationship meaning in tamil is உறவுகள்

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There has been substantial quibbling over the definition of independent directors and on the arms length relationship they are supposed to maintain with the promoters. Leading psychooncologist Brindha Sitaram on Sunday stressed the need for a drastic change in the patientdoctor relationship in the treatment of cancer with more importance given to psychosocial oncology. And yet people still persist in believing that New Year magically melts away fat nicotine cravings relationship problems and career voids. Speaking on Jain and social life Nagaraj Ujire said Jain dharmic values propounded the harmonious relationship among different classes of people. The police also added provisions of criminal assault in the case after it came to light that the accused had established physical relationship with the minor. At the same time as the shift at a popular level gathered pace 2005 saw the deepening of a cosy relationship between government and the aid agencies. Government and aid agencies are now tied into a symbiotic 151 and not unproblematic 151 relationship as they bolster each others credibility. Defective genes Focus on environment Other scientists chose to focus on peoples relationship with the environment. Mr Sinha claimed that the relationship between the DGP and the ADG was cordial and contradicted that he was safeguarding the ADG. Communication skills Work experience is also expected to help a person improve his or her communication and interpersonal relationship skills. Man charged with rape The Malakpet police booked a case of rape and cheating against one Chandramohan of Hamalibasthi in Malakpet following a complaint by his wifes sister that he had refused to marry her after having sexual relationship with her.