relation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
relation meaning in tamil is உறவு, தொடர்பு

relation meaning in tamil with example

relation tamil meaning and more example for relation will be given in tamil.
The fact that this policy of not accepting such degrees adopted in 2002 is not in relation to any particular university but is part of a general principle makes it even more exemplary. The decision results in an increase of 85 paise and 95 paise per kg for rice and wheat in the central issue prices in relation to supplies for APL households. The relation between El NinoLa Nina phenomenon occurring over the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean and Indian monsoon was well known. In the court the victims uniformly and concurrently admitted that they had never gone anywhere with any of the accused or others for illicit sexual relation at the instance of Sreedevi. Readers will want some say on important questions about the market and regulation in relation to news which they felt was too important to be left to journalists. As the original architect of CECA in relation to India what is your summing up at the present moment. They understand the lesson in no time. Many schools focus on the three Rs Reading wRiting and aRithmetic but Glendale claims they teach three additional Rs Respect Relation and Reasoning. Resourcepersons took classes on computer fundamentals MS power point Coral Draw photoshop network concepts customer relation management and hardware maintenance. It had bagged the IT Exporter Award for the year 20022003 from MAIT New Delhi and selection was on the basis of excellence in export performance track record quality best business practices and innovative human relation policies and skill development.