rejection meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rejection meaning in tamil is களைவு

rejection meaning in tamil with example

rejection tamil meaning and more example for rejection will be given in tamil.
Materialism To a question whether the younger generation in the West was able to appreciate the rejection of materialism as professed by Jain munis Dr. They act as selfappointed custodians of public morals but their contrasting rejection of all moral values to attain power reveals their true character. Prasad said that the delay in the arrival of the rice from Punjab and Haryana and the rejection of the poor quality rice procured by the Food Corporation of India led to the delay in the supply of the rice to the cardholders. Bihars tableau On the Defence Ministrys rejection of Bihars tableau depicting Chhath festival Mr. More than a month into the surgery the doctors believe Sreejith has passed the acute rejection phase of the transplanted liver. The CPI leader felt that the conduct of a parallel inquiry into a case which was under the Lok Ayuktas consideration and the open rejection of its order by the Chief Minister were tantamount to insulting the judiciary. The Collector wanted the farmers of the village to clean the harvested paddy and then sell it at the Direct Purchase Centres of the Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation to avoid rejection by the DPCs. Court to go ahead Responding to a question on the legal consequences of the Speakers rejection of the notice he said the court would go ahead with the hearing by appointing an attorney. Kalainathan commenced the fast condemning the nonavailability of funds to him under MLA Area Development programme and also virtual rejection of his rights to procure pension to the aged the handicapped and the weaker sections of society.