reject meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reject meaning in tamil is நிராகரி

reject meaning in tamil with example

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The Sargodu Adivasigala Okkoota has decided to reject the resettlement package being offered by the Government to farmers being evicted from the Saragodu Reserve Forest in Chikmagalur district. Asked what will the Corporation do in case the ADB refuses to accept the conditions she said We will see what should be done when the ADB reject those conditions. T.D. Mini area secretary of the party led the campaign which also urged the authorities to reject the financial aid. This time round the people of Tamil Nadu should reject both the parties and give a chance to a third force. Balakrishnan passed the directive on a writ petition filed by her against the appeal committee decision to reject her claim. It may also be a handle to reject postelection alignments and realignments on the ground of the same being unethical plunging the country or the State into another election. All the more reason to reject the rituals presented as romances in the last fortnight Five days is a long time to spend playing a match whose outcome is clear before a ball has been bowled. The UDA board of directors would consider these suggestions and objections and accept or reject them before sending the final plan to the State Government for approval. If the UPA Government followed the same policies workers and people would reject them CITU district vicepresdient M.B. Radhakrishna said addressing the protestors. However after carrying out its deliberations for almost one and a half years and making the comparison of penalties with Mumbai Bangalore and Kolkata the Select Committee on Friday decided to reject the Bill in its present shape.