reinforced meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reinforced meaning in tamil is இன்னும் வலுவாக்குகிறது

reinforced meaning in tamil with example

reinforced tamil meaning and more example for reinforced will be given in tamil.
A U.S.based company Brunswick Corporation will donate 20 fibre reinforced plastic fishing boats to the tsunamihit fishing community in the State. Many recent studies from across the world have strongly reinforced fears about the dangers of GM foods. G.K. Mani Pattali Makkal Katchi president said The judicial pronouncement has only reinforced the contention of the PMK and others that the Jayalalithaa regime is full of administrative lapses. D. The Indian position on its part is grooved in the experience of 1969 and has been reinforced by the negative perceptions generated by the OIC in its parrotlike reiteration of resolutions that even Pakistan in its present diplomatic posture would find of little use. The Sunni religious bonds were reinforced after the Americans indiscriminately bombed Fallujah and reports about the torture of the largely Sunni inmates in the Abu Ghraib prison hit international headlines. The training had given valueaddition to his profession and he has now become a successful entrepreneur rearing lobsters on a commercial basis using fibreglass reinforced plastic cages. That the choice has to be made by the individual was reinforced by the Lord when He concluded His teaching in the Gita for He told Arjuna to reflect on what He had taught and act according to his judgment. One hundred tin sheetroofed houses 86 tiled and 85 reinforced cement concrete roofed ones would be demolished he told a press conference here. The camaraderie between Yuvraj and Dhoni was reinforced when they appeared for a TV interview together just after the win.