reinforce meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reinforce meaning in tamil is வலிமைப்படுத்து, பலப்படுத்து

reinforce meaning in tamil with example

reinforce tamil meaning and more example for reinforce will be given in tamil.
The Government should immediately reinforce the police intelligence wing and provide sophisticated weapons to the police they said. For once Topalov will be under pressure to reinforce the gains of 2005 as he looks for his maiden Corus title. According to him the E.U. three wanted the Security Council to reinforce the weight and the authority of the International Atomic Energy Agency. By identifying student coordinators for study circles in the districts 14 Panchayat Union offices the Tiruchi District Employment Office has sought to reinforce vibrancy to youthoriented activities in widespread rural catchments. The agenda The objective of the twoday event is to promote and reinforce Madurai as the Gateway to heritage and culture and create awareness of the various facets of the Temple City. There is also a need to reinforce the belief that a firstrate education system produces a firstrate economy says Prof. But any decision to take action to reinforce the authority of the IAEA process will be deferred to March until the report of the IAEA Director General becomes available. Against this background if Muslims indulge in violence to protest the publication of cartoons on Prophet Muhammed it will only reinforce and strengthen the notion that Islam is connected with violence. It felt that due and appropriate representation of all religious groups and regions of the country as in the Central Reserve Police Force should reinforce the secular and panIndian character of the armed forces.