regime meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
regime meaning in tamil is ஆட்சி, ஆட்சிமுறை

regime meaning in tamil with example

regime tamil meaning and more example for regime will be given in tamil.
The year 2005 started with a political crisis that saw the exit of a relatively stable regime headed by Manohar Parrikar. There are bound to be teething problems when any new regime takes over but what happened in Indian cricket was something unique. Time has come for us to move from the Krishi Bhavan regime to automated information dispensation centres he pointed out. The Government shamelessly used up Rs.16 crores raised by erstwhile TDP regime by levying user charges and had used it for some other purpose. She said that power generation units at Birsinghpur Amarkantak and Sarni were continuously tripping due to poor maintenance under the previous Congress regime and this was a major reason for the continuing gap in demand and supply of electricity. India has also responded to the demands of Bangladesh with a special Tariff Rate Quota regime to provide limited access to the textiles sector which comes under the sensitive list. With all this Indias trade with the rest of South Asia is a mere 5 billion. For the first time the Maoists committed themselves to democracy and the political parties agreed to the Maoist demand for the rewriting of the Constitution which has the potential of ending the monarchy and even the constitutional regime Nepal has had since 1990. More than 95 per cent of the work was executed during the TDP regime and the new Government only completed the remaining work and could not claim credit for accomplishing the task they pointed out. Was it not the Congress regime which incorporated word Doctor in the nomenclature of NTR University of Health Sciences.