regards meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
regards meaning in tamil is வாழ்த்துக்கள்

regards meaning in tamil with example

regards tamil meaning and more example for regards will be given in tamil.
As regards the Kathipara flyover the office of the Small Industries Development Corporation would be shifted to a building at Thiru.Vi.Ka. He is simply echoing his more successful peers not the least the man he regards as his role model 151 British Prime Minister Tony Blair seemingly the most pragmatic of modern western leaders. To a query with regards to horse trading in the polls the SEC said the Commission would act only when complaints were received by it. But this is of course a matter on which the lead will have to be taken by the U.S. Suitable modification of the domestic law in the U.S. as regards India was also an issue in their relevant bilateral dialogue China was informed. Israel regards Teheran as the single greatest threat a view sharpened by the Iranian Presidents call for the destruction of the Jewish state and his denial of the Holocaust. Support for the Palestinian cause is a central pillar in the ideology of Irans Islamic regime which regards Israels existence as an affront to Muslims. Similarly quality has been ensured as regards the commodities being distributed at the fair price shops. Rao said as regards the future of Kashmir the longterm intentions of Indias adversaries should be taken into consideration. Free power As regards free power supply he said nowhere in the State the farm sector was getting power for more than seven hours resulting in crop loss. As regards disqualification and the manner in which the authority should consider disqualification the Bench said the RTA should strictly follow Rule 167 of the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicles Rules.