regardless meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
regardless meaning in tamil is எது எப்படி இருப்பினும், பொருட்படுத்தாத

regardless meaning in tamil with example

regardless tamil meaning and more example for regardless will be given in tamil.
Aiyar said unbridled rivalry between Indian and Chinese companies was to the disadvantage of both regardless of who eventually won the bid. Under French law every citizen has a right to equal treatment regardless of race religion or sex and the census does not record a citizens ethnicity. Driving vehicles with inadequate experience and without knowledge of the rules of the road overtaking and stopping in traffic regardless of the inconvenience caused to others are some of them. Once a terrorist attack takes place in a country regardless of its human consequences the entire legislative executive and judicial apparatus tends to focus on the problem. Pipeline project Asked whether his Government intended proceeding with the pipeline project with Iran regardless of whether Teheran was referred to the United Nations Security Council on the issue of its nuclear programme Mr. Why was a woman allowed to travel all alone along with a stranger as a driver in the middle of the night regardless of whether he was an authorised driver. The 2005 legislation now in force 151 which extends these rights to chartered and domestic carriers as well as to all airlines based in an EU memberstate regardless of the origin of flights 151 has brought long delays and cancellation of flights within the purview of consumer protection law. If Europe weak though its power may currently be wants to have an independent role in the Middle East clearly different from the manipulative U.S. approach it is vital to go on funding the PA regardless of the Hamas presence in government.