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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reference meaning in tamil is குறிப்பு

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In such a case where the contribution and subscription are made in the name of the member of the HUF without any reference to the HUF as such the disability brought about by the amendment to the schemes concerned will not arise. The reference to expulsions being regarded as the Houses power to regulate its own constitution created a doubt whether the power of expulsion is available to Indian legislatures. The same result would have followed had a reference been made to the Privileges Committees 151 but with delay and public amnesia of the gravity of the offence. Flood relief With reference to the news item Is targeted section getting relief The HolyIndia dt 231205 the residents of all the main streets in Srirangam received the special relief package. Moreover the Srivaramangalam copper plate s of Pandyan King Nedum Chadayan 8 AD have clear reference to Vizhinjam and its fort. Radhakrishnan took temporary charge in the heat of a row generated by a High Court reference against his predecessor K.P. Vishwanathan. Bardhan said students should keep themselves posted about the countrys political developments with particular reference to the role of the Left in defending the rights of the working people unemployed and the deprived sections. The lists will be available for reference at the office of the CEE at the website at the office of the Director of Public Relations and at the district information centres from January 6. In an obvious reference to the recent missing and subsequent tracing of 11 students of the city schools the Collector said that obtaining good marks alone would not ensure one a good life.