reef meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reef meaning in tamil is வரம்பு

reef meaning in tamil with example

reef tamil meaning and more example for reef will be given in tamil.
He is also the Joint Director of Coral Reef Studies and currently the Member Secretary of National Biodiversity Authority Government of India. VA 7yo over Lady Penelope Vaal Reef 151 Mary Decker 52 Huzaif 1 Alminstar 59 Casey 2 Red Cordon 60 Lakshmanan 3 and SixFlags 53.5 Akbar 4. KAIGA PLATE 1200 m rated 15 below 78 9 yo 4 5 yo rated below 0 eligible Dream Of Sun Vaal Reef 151 Moon River 61.5 cd 59 B. VB 7yo over Grand Matador Vaal Reef Frisky Air 54 Mohan 1 Star Chivalry 51.5 Prem 2 Ascot Knight 51 M. The severe storm that barrelled over Australias Great Barrier Reef on Monday probably left an underwater trail of devastation that could take 20 years to return to normal. The good news is that the worst damage from Cyclone Larry is limited to a tiny fraction of the sprawling Japansized reef network 151 and it is far from the places where nearly two million tourists a year gaze in awe at the corals vibrant colours and fish life an expert said. The Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest coral reef system running parallel to the coast for 2300 km from Australias northeastern tip. A reef research team of Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute here affiliated to Manonmanian Sundaranar University led by its Director J. K. Unlike the KonTiki the Tangaroa will be able to navigate against the wind and could land on the island of Raroia two weeks earlier than Heyerdahl 151 whose raft foundered on a reef off the island leaving him and his crew stranded for a week before their return to civilisation.