reduce meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reduce meaning in tamil is குறை

reduce meaning in tamil with example

reduce tamil meaning and more example for reduce will be given in tamil.
Extended on a larger scale this system can reduce expenditure on logistics security and even reduce the number of polling booths at least in urban areas he said. Haider said the new train would reduce travel time for passengers who want to travel to or from southern Pakistan as compared to the present arrangements through the Wagah border. As it was informed that the company was negotiating with the Ministry of Labour to reduce the penalty the issue was taken up directly with the concerned Ministries. Following the intensive efforts put in by the Mission the Ministry of Interior agreed to reduce the fine to Dhs.1800 per person and allow the employees to travel out of the country Mr. He said A.K. Antony had intervened to reduce the road tax imposed by the Karnataka Government from Rs.2000 to Rs.500 per lorryload when he was the Chief Minister. Private educational institutions in Rajasthan will observe a days bandh on January 21 to protest against the State Governments recent decision to reduce grants to them by 10 per cent which they affirm would ruin the schools and colleges and force their closure in the next academic session. The KSEBs proposal to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission SERC to reduce the tariff for domestic consumers who are already enjoying the benefit of cross subsidy is actually against section 61g of the Electricity Act which mandates phased elimination of cross subsidy. He said the proposal to reduce the power tariff had become possible only because of some very hard work put in by the KSEB and its employees.