redemption meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
redemption meaning in tamil is மீட்சி ,மீட்டல், பாப விமோசனம்

redemption meaning in tamil with example

redemption tamil meaning and more example for redemption will be given in tamil.
Purwar on Monday said the lending rates could go up by 2550 basis points as pressure on liquidity due to the recently concluded Indian Millennium Deposit IMD redemption is likely to continue till the end of this financial year. It was some redemption for Kerala which had lost badly to Uttaranchal late on Monday night at 2325 2521 2125 2628. For purposes of this Ordinance capital redemption business and annuity and certain businesses which are akin to it are deemed to be life insurance business. While very recently following the redemption of India Millennium Development bonds there has been a drying up of liquidity it is a fact that an unprecedented increase in credit has caused a great boom in retail lending especially to the housing sector. It becomes clear that if at all there is any chance of redemption from bondage if at all there is any means by which one can attain salvation Moksha it can happen only through the Lords grace. The Tata Credit Card will have dynamic point earning and instant point redemption across 12 spend categories and 18 brands. The lefthanded opener 151 dropped from the National squad after playing below expectations on the Pakistan tour 151 grafted his way to redemption with a timely 108 221 balls 15 fours. The spurt in remittances from overseas Indians represented in private transfers could be possibly due to ploughing back of a part of the redemption proceeds of India Millennium Deposits IMDs. Lee and Kasprowicz also earned redemption for an Ashesdefining failure last August when the duo put on 59 for the last wicket in the second Test against England in Birmingham only for Kasprowicz to be dismissed to give England a tworun win.