rectify meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rectify meaning in tamil is சீர்செய்

rectify meaning in tamil with example

rectify tamil meaning and more example for rectify will be given in tamil.
Officials of the Andhra Pradesh Technological Services were busy trying to rectify the problem in the print out. Udaya Lakshmi said that there was lot of aqua culture activity in the coastal mandals of Prakasam district and asked the MROs to rectify defects and receive applications from all aqua farmers. Instead of voluntarily agreeing to become conforming users or to rectify or modify or remove their illegal constructions the stand of the prominent and influential persons is that an Ordinance will be passed to regularise unauthorised construction. City residents hope that the TWAD Board the executing agency of the scheme would rectify the problem lest it leads to major accidents. Section officers Venkatesh Naika and Mahantesh Naika who tried in vain to pacify the agitating farmers told them that they would rectify the anomaly and release sufficient water. It was this imbalance that his organisation sought to rectify through the training sessions and workshops Mr. They usually first refuse to first believe it and then begin a journey to rectify the disability. The Narendran Commission which has been a key component of the political debate in Kerala in the past five years interestingly had not made any recommendation to rectify the deficiencies in the BC quota system. Officials will rectify the following errors in the EPICs Wrong photos errors in names wrong mention of relationship corrections in age sex and address. The Chief Minister has not only promised to rectify the matter but has also immediately marked my letter for discussion Mr.