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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
records meaning in tamil is பதிவுகள்

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Owing to ITenabled technology banks are now in a position to maintain records of customers at a centralised location which is electronically accessible and to quickly and more accurately generate regular reports and specialised customer profiles. The other records established by VPT during December2005 were highest discharge of 14004 tonnes of muriate of potash on December 10 highest discharge of 14006 tonnes of petroleum coke on December 15 and the highest discharge of 28315 tonnes of coking coal by floating cranes on December 15. Record Ravi expresses his desire to find a place in the Limca Book of Indian Records and the Guinness Book. It considers the period from October 1 to December 31 as monsoon for statistical purposes. Several records were rewritten. Though wary of potential opportunists he said he made his own checks in local police records and found that rapes had been reported. In legal cases postal records are admissible in evidence provided the date of despatch or return of mail is clear. The State Governments assistance of Rs. 2.12 lakhs for computerisation will now ensure the maintaining of clear records that have no ambiguity caused by poor handwriting. Record rainfall The year that went by also created other records at the observatory in Nungambakkam setting aside the record in 1996 with respect to the annual rainfall. According to latest statistics released by National Crime Records Bureau the Pondicherry Police figures in the first five States for the highest detection of cases.