reconsider meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reconsider meaning in tamil is பரிசீலனை செய்

reconsider meaning in tamil with example

reconsider tamil meaning and more example for reconsider will be given in tamil.
Plea to protesters C.P. Kunhimohammed president Malabar Chamber of Commerce also appealed to the protesters to reconsider their stand. Naolekar however asked the special court in Mumbai to reconsider its order regarding sale of residential property owned by Mehtas family taking into consideration all aspects. Vasudev while saying that they were not opposed to allotting land to the Baba asked the Chairperson to reconsider the decision keeping in view the depleting groundwater table and expressed anguish over encroachment of dried water tanks. We again call on Iran to reconsider its decisions and return to the state of moratorium and engage in full and transparent cooperation with the IAEA as is foreseen in the relative resolutions of the Agencys Board Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a press statement on Friday. Booker Prize winner and environment activist Arundhati Roy is unlikely to reconsider her decision to turn down this years Sahitya Akademi award. The authorities concerned are requested to reconsider their decision and open the gate to vehicles as well as pedestrians. Karat said the Supreme Court order prohibiting the ship from entering India until February 13 gave the United Progressive Alliance UPA Government the opportunity to reconsider and reverse the untenable stand taken by the Environment and Forests Ministry on the issue. I was called in by the secretary general of UNCTAD who tried to persuade me to reconsider my decision. Poor patients and those living below the poverty line would be given free treatment. The Government had only rationalised the charges. The Ministry would reconsider some of the issues of increase in charges for radiology services.