reconciliation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reconciliation meaning in tamil is சரிக்கட்டுதல், சரிப்பார்தல்

reconciliation meaning in tamil with example

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Pachhapures transfer all cases of reconciliation and pretrial reconciliation assigned to the court have been withdrawn. Even as a couple of employee unions have pressed for reconciliation between the BHEL and the Montfort Brothers of St. When reconciliation appeared unlikely the Collectorate denied permission to dump garbage to both municipalities last year. But why it can be asked are such secret meetings a problem 151 particularly if their intended aim is to bring about reconciliation between apparently implacable enemies. Participating in a seminar on Indias Role for National Reconciliation in Burma here on Tuesday they wanted the State Peace and Development Council in Myanmar to allow full and unrestricted access to the United Nations Special Envoy and Special Rapporteur. Suu Kyi and other members of political parties and representatives of ethnic minorities on restoration of democracy and national reconciliation in Burma. Blair would have gone a long way towards reconciliation between our peoples he has chosen to widen the gap still further. We must never let this arena for Madibas Mandela reconciliation of people from diverse backgrounds be sullied by racism he added. But if a ShiaSunni reconciliation was never easy to achieve the prospect has all but faded after the destruction of the goldendomed AlAskari and the subsequent sectarian clashes that have claimed more than 100 lives. Bush will be gone in a few days but the Prime Minister will still be left with the daunting task of bringing about reconciliation between the two versions of Indian nationalism when implementing a foreign policy agenda.