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The drug blocks tumour cell growth by inhibiting the activity of a specific enzyme tyrosine kinase which is part of the human epidermal growth receptor EGFR. According to Biocon officials the drug will target and block the epidermal growth factor receptor responsible for the proliferation of cancer cells. The very fact that our body has a receptor for every drug means that it has the capacity to produce that drug. It includes pollution control near the source as to attenuate the concentration of pollutants and regulation near the receptor for mitigating pollution exposure of sensitive receptors. The drug targets human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor EGFR a type of protein found on the surface of both normal and cancer cells. The results indicated that the effects of the oestrogen receptor in stomach cancer could help identify patients who will best respond to oestrogen receptor modulating drugs. The department also examined the role of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in tumour angiogenesis tumourinduced growth of blood vessels. The young quartet won appreciation from experts for their suggestion of using an antibody tagged drugloaded liposome that will specifically target the CD4 cells of the immune system and the drug released will prevent the binding of HIV to the receptor and this idea won them a cash prize of Rs.1000.