reasonable meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reasonable meaning in tamil is நியாயமான, நன்கு நிறுவப்பட்ட

reasonable meaning in tamil with example

reasonable tamil meaning and more example for reasonable will be given in tamil.
10 Get organized On just about every New Year resolution top ten list organization can be a very reasonable goal. To provide reasonable safeguards to them it is expected that noncompliance by companies will be publicised through the media public notices and so on. Relying on the Supreme Court guidelines he said the subordinate court must consider the seriousness of the offence nature of accusation severity of punishment in case of conviction and reasonable apprehension of tampering with witnesses while granting bail in such cases. They appealed to the Agricultural Engineering Department to purchase a minimum of 10 harvesters and give them to farmers at reasonable rent. Such an initiative he reasons will help increase the exports and enable the SHGs to earn a reasonable income. Ashok Kumar and Joint Collector Kanthilal Dande to review the issue and pay reasonable compensation to landlosers. With Pongal eve just around the corner textile dyers and screen printers here are busy producing lowcost saris that have reasonable market. Arrangements for lodging at reasonable rates have been made at the Cultural Complex built by the Delhi Karnataka Sangha in New Delhi for people from Karnataka visiting New Delhi. Doordarshan represents the common man and provides viewers the delight of watching cricket matches at a reasonable rate. Gururaj Chennai With reference to the latest idea it may be more than enough if the already allotted space is utilised better to project varied credible informed and reasonable opinion than repeat a single thought or sentiment.