rear meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rear meaning in tamil is பின் பக்கம், வளர்

rear meaning in tamil with example

rear tamil meaning and more example for rear will be given in tamil.
The other aims are to encourage farmers to rear graded buffaloes better utilisation of the Kuttanad agriwaste and byproducts and to make Kuttanand a source of germ plasm which can be distributed to other districts Dr. The world first SNS SpringinSpring suspension rear suspension with triple rated springs makes it the most comfortable bike in its category. A few years ago the Board with a view to increasing the parcel earnings leased out the luggage van in the rear of the trains to private contractors and keep the other van for its own bookings. The men armed with knives and iron rods broke into the house of Satyam Raju 75 fatherinlaw of Yelamanchili MLA U.V.R.M. Raju Kannababu around 1.30 a.m. by forcing open the rear door. 85000 from a house after removing the latch of the rear door at Madhuranagar in S.R. Nagar on Monday. While the church people secured the High Court stay on the demolition of its frontage the temple people agreed to allow the duct of the road meant for carrying wires connecting street lights telephone and cable lines and pipelines to pass through the rear of the temple. The police personnel used a light meter to check the visibility through the front and rear windscreens and side windows. The law prescribes that the front and rear windscreens should have at least 75 per cent visibility and the side windows 50 per cent or more visibility. According to reports the assailants entered the shop by opening the shutters of the rear entrance and allegedly took away Rs. 1.40 lakhs from the counter according to a complaint lodged by the owner Kesava Reddy.