reap meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reap meaning in tamil is அறுவடை செய், பயன் பெறு

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The Government had asked for acquiring the land for developing the park to reap the benefits of booming apparel and textile sector in the country. With SAFTA now in place the region is all set to reap the real benefits of regional trade liberalization on the pattern of other trading blocs it said. Singh said the State Government had taken the lead in irrigation infrastructure projects and lakhs of farmers in all regions of the State were bound to reap the benefits in the years to come. Those who do not discharge their duties reap neither the merit of performing the rituals nor do they become eligible for spiritual knowledge. The model being prepared at the moment will cost Iraq billions in lost revenues while global corporations reap the harvest. Warning the TRS not to issue threats to the Congress or dissident TRS leaders he said they would reap the consequences if they talk about stoning and attacking us. Prabhu hopes the move will help the rural populace reap the benefits of IT and be on a par with their urban counterparts. However good rainfall during the monsoon helped farmers reap a good harvest during the kharif season and although there is sufficient water for sowing of summer crops progress of sowing has been hit owing to power shortage in the rural feeders. Rangarajan who was speaking of the opportunities and risks that globalisation presented in todays world said that India must reform the trade system to reap benefits of international trade and take domestic measures to realize the full potential of globalisation.