realm meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
realm meaning in tamil is சாம்ராஜ்யம், பேரரசு

realm meaning in tamil with example

realm tamil meaning and more example for realm will be given in tamil.
Debesh Das President of the Sammelan in his speech referred to the historic ties between Bengal and South India not only in the realm of thought and religion but in the field of politics. On the issue of social justice there was a realm of compassion which goes beyond the judicial space Mr. J.P. Reddy Nalgonda A.P. The creation of the new post is a major step forward in the realm of competitive journalism. They think that though certain exigencies on both sides could have caused the situation winning back the goodwill of teachers is well within the realm of possibility for the BHEL. Add to this a willingness to merge professional social legal and political issues with the realm of the religious. There emerges a levelplaying field with major cities on land price kindling a ray of hope for the city in the realm of industry and investments. He said in todays realm of changing and challenging world the knowledge base of a teacher is expected to be vast and more demanding. Questioning the Governments decision not to commemorate the occasion on the premise that Akbar did not come within the realm of the scheme for commemorating nationally important persons and events the IHC reiterated its demand for remembering the emperor with a national celebration. Interestingly when the original Tenth Five Year Plan document assumed an average annual GDP growth rate of 8 per cent for the whole plan period it appeared to be in the realm of wishful thinking a view seemingly corroborated by the figures for the first two years.