real meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
real meaning in tamil is இலட்சிய

real meaning in tamil with example

real tamil meaning and more example for real will be given in tamil.
It happens with ease in Hollywood films but doing it is tricky in real life but scientists did it twice. Dikshit as she did not face any real threat to her leadership despite the infamous walkout from the party meeting on April 19 something that was not taken kindly to by the party high command and something which also weakened her position to a large extent. Year 2005 the boom is back and it is a real and stable one unlike the earlier one says Yusuf Mehdi Senior VicePresident MSN Microsoft Corporation. It is time to make a list a beautiful tearstained list of lifechanging resolutions that will enable you to become the new you the real you. The worst thing is just like real snails that thing on their back isnt disposable 151 it is where they live and breathe. Likening human life to a cricket match Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji said real knowledge real faith and real conduct were like three stumps and the 10 Karmas are like opponents. Not because of the real estate mafia that had been eyeing precious chunks of land here or the TTDs ambitious decision to provide housesites to its employees on its bed. Enthused by the water flow the villagers have started cultivation in the same chunks of land which they had earlier sold off to real estate agents for a throwaway price. Counsel said the circumstances surrounding the allotment of the shares raised a suspicion that the real beneficiary was the then Minister. Parrikar who visited the village where tension prevails said the real issue is not stone crushers but the peoples frustration over land titles.