racist meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
racist meaning in tamil is இனவெறியன், சாதிவெறியன்

racist meaning in tamil with example

racist tamil meaning and more example for racist will be given in tamil.
Or rather institutionally racist which means that while individuals may not be racist the idea that what happens to nonwhites is somehow less important than what affects the native whites is built into the system. The outspoken Sir Ian known as the thinking mans cop because of his Oxford background and a penchant for quoting literary texts has caused a storm after he accused the media of a racist bias when reporting crime. Irving the leader of the farRight British National Party Nick Griffin was acquitted by a British court recently for making racist comments against Asians particularly the Muslims. For the first time under Britains revamped race laws a university lecturer has been suspended for airing racist views after protests by students and staff demanding his removal. Berlusconi and his allies 151 the openly racist Northern League and the reformed former fascist National Alliance 151 have left Italy divided between rich and poor north and south young and old the employed and the jobless. Berlusconis coalition partners particularly the racist and xenophobic Northern League have tended to blame immigrants for the countrys woes. Prodi as a frontman for ultracommunists and his arguably racist reference to the Chinese leadership of the 1960s were only matched by the intent of one of his ministers to provoke hate by wearing Tshirts bearing the cartoons of Prophet Muhammed. Petersburg President Vladimir Putins hometown which has earned notoriety as Russias racist capital. Political opponents of President Putin also say racist attackers provide a bogeyman to frighten the public into voting for proKremlin candidates in the 2007 parliamentary elections and the 2008 presidential election.