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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
quotation meaning in tamil is மேற்கோள் காட்டுதல், பொன்மொழி

quotation meaning in tamil with example

quotation tamil meaning and more example for quotation will be given in tamil.
The first contract 151 a quotation for three million euros 151 proposed superficial decontamination while the second contract for 6 million euros proposed major decontamination work. Though the Commissioner agreed to the quotation in respect of seven packages he disputed the amount in five other packages. And no amount of quotation from constitutional scriptures about the supremacy of the elected representatives of the people is going to change that. That is reflected in the bid which has been set at a 25 per cent premium to the prebid share quotation of Arcelor. There is no single unique cash price quotation for a commodity valid throughout the country at any given time. Those whose tenders would be selected were required to deposit 5 per cent of the quotation as EMD and remit the auction amount in six equal instalments. However the contract was awarded to a firm whose quotation was the second lowest based on a statement given by its own representative that Revathy Agencies had not obtained the certification of the Central Insecticide Board. Recalling Mahatma Gandhis famous quotation My life is my message ViceChancellor of Acharya Nagarjuna University V. From nondescript kirana kiosk to shopping mall all made a brisk business by selling bands quotation books finger rings and greeting cards. V. Information available to them through these platforms could become a trade quotation via RTFX and RTFB for instant buying and selling of forexbullion. In Are Asians facing a witchhunt in midair Editorial page August 25 2006 a reader points out that the quotation from The Independent is incomplete.