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Together we constitute a quorum of democratic legitimacy. These major articulations of U.S. geostrategy of course have accorded to Europe the role of a willing actor today for subserving the American global strategy. The quorum could not be completed in Kullu Solan Bilaspur Kangra and Una districts according to reports reaching here. Under Rule 1623 if the chairman fails to turn up for the meeting and the quorum for the meeting is complete the members could then among themselves nominate a working chairman and initiate the proceedings. M.P. Nadagouda Janata DalU said the decision on the minimum number of members required to ensure quorum is a progressive one. Bidhuris resolution it was pointed out that the House lacked quorum following which the chair adjourned the House for the day saving the Congress party the blushes. The functioning of the Assembly during the past four sittings has left a lot to be desired as the ruling party has had to scramble to ensure quorum in the House. On more than two occasions the House had to be adjourned for lack of quorum a poor reflection of the working of the Government and floor coordination. The lack of quorum from time to time and the failure of the party MLAs to attend the proceedings has made for lacklustre debates in the House with the ruling party struggling to find members to speak on the LieutenantGovernors address and the Delhi budget. Despite a whip for attendance in the House and the introduction of the roaster system putting MLAs on House duty on two shifts the quorum bell continues to ring beyond the required time and the Congress chief whip is seen struggling to get hold of his party MLAs.