quicksand meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
quicksand meaning in tamil is புதை மணல்

quicksand meaning in tamil with example

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The choices each makes will help to determine whether the April Revolution reaches its final destination or disappears in the quicksand of palace intrigue and political cowardice. He said that the amenities would be improved at the Mayanur park and sign boards cautioning visitors of lurking danger in water and quicksand would be put up soon. P. Later they entered the river to have a bath when Veerappan got stuck in the quicksand and drowned in the river. This rock is rapidly turning into quicksand and it seems to me that the future income streams are probably going to come as much from filtering and advertising as from direct sale of content. On the other there are the unstable quicksand creeks where navigation requires a great deal of caution and knowledge of the terrain.