quickness meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
quickness meaning in tamil is வேகம், துரிதம், சீக்கிரம்

quickness meaning in tamil with example

quickness tamil meaning and more example for quickness will be given in tamil.
His quickness and boxing skill gave him the edge over many heavyweights but his weak chin and relatively modest physique made him vulnerable to big punches from true heavyweights. The magnitude of the work the quickness of execution and the productivity of engineers working in the 1850s can best be realised when juxtaposed with similar works executed after technological advances mechanisation modern management practices and improved communication facilities wrote A. There was a certain quickness in the teams play in serving setting and smashing which did not allow its rival to settle down. It takes lot of quickness and power and is a wild sport she says adding that her score as a skier is more an expression of herself and her personality.