questionable meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
questionable meaning in tamil is கேள்விக்ககுறி, சநதேகமான

questionable meaning in tamil with example

questionable tamil meaning and more example for questionable will be given in tamil.
In such a situation it is questionable why such a legal opinion about the bank accounts has been conveyed to the British authorities. Deora who has edited literary magazines such as Suprabhat and Gyanodaya said the Radhakrishna Prakashan had disrupted his creative writings by repeatedly demanding payment of questionable dues. The Ministry of Environment and Forests which glossed over Project Tigers questionable performance must be held responsible for the extinction of tigers in Sariska one of the earliest reserves and the rapid depletion in several others. What makes contract farming questionable is the highly intensive cropping pattern that requires nearly 15 to 20 times more intake of chemical inputs. Two electrifying goals by Hari Prasad lent poetic justice to a match that saw Bangalore Lions pitted against an inspired Chandigarh Dynamos some questionable umpiring and of course a hostile audience in the third and deciding final of the ESPC Premier Hockey League here tonight. But the bad luck for Good Night and Good Luck is that Murrow and Friendly bet the farm on a horse with questionable legs. Stating that the Tea Board was monitoring the situation to ensure that the reputation of the Nilgiri tea was safeguarded the Executive Director Tea Board R.D. Nazeem told media persons in Coonoor on Saturday that factories resorting to questionable means for making quick money was being watched. If the charges of suspended officers and those of questionable conduct were given credence the archaka system would get eroded in no time he said.