quest meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
quest meaning in tamil is வேட்கை

quest meaning in tamil with example

quest tamil meaning and more example for quest will be given in tamil.
Vasu said even the Arthashastra had several references to metallurgy and in fact ancient India which was known to have turned every kind of inquiry or quest for knowledge into a science or shastra is the only one to have the study of metallurgy in chemistry. The new global paradigms respond to the hegemonic interests of the big transnationals in their quest to control world markets. Aiyar will also address a gathering of senior government officials corporate leaders and members of Chinas think tanks on India and China in Asias Quest for Energy Security. He described his visit as the beginning of a new chapter in bilateral relationship. The quest for liberation involves two steps identifying the right path and then opting to take that route. But the thing that will really make it and Israel the most dangerous animals in the postIraqi Middle East jungle is Irans apparent quest for nuclear weapons. A single line story a brothers quest for avenging his sisters death this film scores with its screenplay and camerawork. In his inaugural address at the programme Information Technology secretary P.H. Kurien said the spirit of quest was the basis of science. If I were in Inzamams place I would have used the series win against England as a launchpad for my quest to become the best team in the world. Sources in the village traced the root of the problem to the dhobis quest for a piece of land adjoining the village temple. It is a blessing to gain the wisdom that turns the spotlight on unnecessary distractions unwanted thoughts and misleading arguments that stall the individuals quest for the ultimate goal of life.