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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
quartz meaning in tamil is வெண்கல், படிகம்

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The handmade blue pottery from Jaipur made out of quartz powder includes decorative as well as usable items such as wall hangers ashtrays teacups and painted jars. Following expiry of lease period and reported fall in demand for finished products the Mines and Geology Department has ordered temporary closure of 13 mines five quartz and eight manganese this fiscal in the district. Amethysts opals tanzanite tsavarite garnets and citrine quartz have flooded the market as well as the imagination of a new generation of jewellery buyers. The range offers three derivatives consisting of a 4x2 double cab 4x4 single cab and a 4x4 double cab in colours of quartz black and artic silver says a release. A quartz crystal stone weighing 180 kg found in a well in Salem Tamil Nadu is a rare kind of crystal. Momentive Performance Materials is a premier specialty material company providing hightechnology material solutions to silicones quartz and ceramics markets. We had in fact collected artefacts from the southern end of a vein of quartz formation that is now noticed to run further north into the forested tracts for nearly 100 to 200 meters. At some places this vein of quartz projects out of the soil at some places partly and at some places lay buried. The team found 34 tools of the middle palaeolithic age from around a quartz formation south of the river Karimpuzha a tributary of the river Chaliyar. The artefacts found at Chandakkunnu were made of coarse quartz and fall mainly in the typological classification of scrappers.