quarter meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
quarter meaning in tamil is 3 மாதக் காலப்பகுதி

quarter meaning in tamil with example

quarter tamil meaning and more example for quarter will be given in tamil.
It was Sambhaji Kadams longranger which helped Services go into the fourth quarter with a 5350 advantage. Services bungled repeatedly under the boards in the third quarter enabling Uttaranchal to take control. Rao 74 in the quarter final of the girls under 12 section of the Pioneer Open tennis tournament for juniors here on Saturday. The teams were level at 86all at end of the fourth quarter that saw Spring Dale clear a deficit of eight points to force extra time. Except in the last quarter during which it played to its potential Bhavans did not impress and had conceded a lot of ground to its rival. Emerald ended the first quarter with a 10 point lead and kept the pressure on its rival. New Delhi must not forget what Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has been unwaveringly clear about since May 21 1991 the Tamil is a virulently antiIndia force and no quarter should be yielded to it or to its chauvinist supporters in this country. From a below par 1318 first quarter scoreline Tamil Nadu changed over at 3133 thanks to the versatile Mihir Pandey. A group of students then went to the quarter of warden Venkateswarlu after midnight and called him out. Bankers have been asked to expedite disbursement under these categories in the last quarter of the fiscal. The Metro rail project got clearances from Delhi during the last quarter of 2005 with the Project Implementation Board and the Union Cabinet making only minor changes after being satisfied with explanations sought. 224.40 crore for the quarter ended December 31 2005 over the corresponding period in the previous year.