quarry meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
quarry meaning in tamil is கற்சுரங்கம்

quarry meaning in tamil with example

quarry tamil meaning and more example for quarry will be given in tamil.
A couple of days ago two cows died and two others fell ill as these animals had water from a quarry where Endosulfan containers and spraying pumps were washed. He recalled that in Pallapatti near Karur the PWD helped in harvesting 10 million litres of water a day from an abandoned quarry and even now water is supplied to residents in the vicinity. Police sources said those questioned included a trader in gelatine sticks and nitroglycerine based substances who supplies them to stone quarry owners. In another accident Koyya Venkatarao who was sleeping in the varandah of a choultry in Seethampet met a tragic death when a quarry lorry lost control and hit an electric pole and overturned hitting the choultry wall throwing the one tonne weight rubbish on him in the early hours of Tuesday. He supplies such substances to laterite stone quarry owners and those who dig open wells sources said. An hour later a milk van coming from Chittoor to Tirupati rammed into a quarry worker Devaiah 49 at Agarala when he was crossing the road to reach his colony. The Cantonment police identified Arivazhagan 32 as a worker in a quarry in Malappuram district Kerala. He confessed to have stolen the explosives from the quarry for fishing in his village where he was proceeding for Pongal. Frequent raids are being conducted at granite quarry sites and residences of subagents in Malappuram and Kozhikode districts. Though quarrying has been banned officially we get calls from priests and pilgrims that the area surrounding the statue is blasted by dynamites by quarry owners Mr.