quantum meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
quantum meaning in tamil is எண்ணிக்கை, பங்கீட்டளவு, ஒதுக்கீட்டளவு

quantum meaning in tamil with example

quantum tamil meaning and more example for quantum will be given in tamil.
The regions average monthly production is now about two tonnes almost double the quantum produced years ago. Bringing New Year cheer District Collector Navin Mittal on Saturday unveiled a rich package to make a quantum leap in industrial development in Krishna district. Here again it is probably unwise to expect miracles in the form of a quantum jump in governance standards immediately. All the rivers in these districts were in spate thanks to good rain and a huge quantum of water released from the Amaravathy. Quantum computing had been considered purely theoretical at first but with chips being developed at the nano level we have to think of their quantum properties. Then the owners of the land should approach the District Level Negotiations Committee if they were not satisfied with the quantum of compensation fixed by the LAOs. For the Antodaya scheme for the BPL families there would be no change in the effective price but the quantum would be lowered to 30 kg per month from 35 kg hitherto as in case of BPL families. The quantum of foodgrains for APL households has been reduced from the existing level of 35 kg per month to 20 kg. But other States especially those in the north which consistently and abundantly receive benefits and benefactions from each Railway Minister are far behind us in generating the same quantum of income as our State does. Ravichandra said the quantum of water was arrived at after taking into consideration the availability of 15 tmcft already agreed for the first crop dead storage level evaporation and other factors.