quantities meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
quantities meaning in tamil is துண்டு எண்ணிக்கை

quantities meaning in tamil with example

quantities tamil meaning and more example for quantities will be given in tamil.
Hospitals are able to buy instruments and medication and other aids in larger quantities as there are enough patients coming in for treatment which helps reduce overall cost. Last week Gazprom signed a contract to buy additional quantities of Turkmenian export gas to step up pressure on Ukraine. Other sources including the French company Technopure that removed 70 tonnes of asbestos from the ship say the ship has been allowed to leave for India with huge quantities of asbestos upwards of 500 tonnes that could easily have been removed without damaging the ships structure or navigability. Ltd and the Luthra Group are capable of handling this extra tonnage of asbestos in a safe and scientific manner the question still remains as to why India should accept and bury such large quantities of toxic waste on its soil. Huge quantities of drugs are smuggled into the U.K. every year by mules paid to swallow dozens of packets of cocaine and heroin and the new law allows 192 hours for these to be flushed through their systems. Investigators who participated in the study found that huge quantities of waste from slaughterhouses were dumped into the Edappally canal and the Karingachirapuzha. This meeting was necessitated by the resolution of the earlier IAB meet held in September to provide water for around 3.50 lakh acres in the district and drawing corresponding quantities of water. However due to heavy rain there was no need to draw the agreed quantities of water and it was in accordance with latest needs that the meeting was held on Monday.