purpose meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
purpose meaning in tamil is குறிக்கோள்

purpose meaning in tamil with example

purpose tamil meaning and more example for purpose will be given in tamil.
These people would not be able to use the unpaid service corridors running alongside the paid carriageways for going towards Dhaula Kuan from the interchange and as such NHAI officials assert that the very purpose of the Kapashera trumpet interchange gets defeated. The various methodologies used in the module include group discussions roleplays dramatisation and case studies with the purpose of making the learning experience more interactive participatory and interesting. There were similar incidents of violence perpetrated by the extremists during the runup to the 2001 elections and the recent murders could be an attempt to intimidate CPIM workers with the purpose of keeping them away from campaigning for the coming elections party leaders have pointed out. Its quasireligious invocation of Hindutva attracted a certain constituency of people who were attracted by its seeming loftiness of purpose and pandering to crass identity politics by deflating the difference between nationalism and Hinduness. The first category dealt with property used for agricultural purpose and not converted to nonagricultural lands under Section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act. If necessary funds from the Central Special Purpose Vehicle on infrastructure will be given to complete the project he announced while addressing a public meeting at Shamshabad near here after laying the foundation stone for the first phase of the ORR project. Incidentally the purpose of the SSA will transcend from Education to all to Quality education to all. The CEO hopes that the initiative will set at rest charges and countercharges of teachers at different levels in school education system.