purple meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
purple meaning in tamil is ஊதா

purple meaning in tamil with example

purple tamil meaning and more example for purple will be given in tamil.
An AQI ranging from 201 to 300 indicating very unhealthy air quality is symbolised by purple while AQI ranging from 301 to 500 indicating hazardous air quality is indicated by maroon colour. In the past stunts by the group included dropping purple powder at the Prime Minister in the Commons and scaling the gates of Buckingham Palace. The group was founded about four years ago by divorced and separated fathers to demand more access to their children but a series of sensational stunts such as throwing a purple powder at Mr. The iodised salt changes to violet or purple when a drop of the test solution is added to it and noniodised salt observes no colour change. JAMUNA PLATE 1600m rated 00 to 15 Purple Glade Flitch Pregassona 62 Srinath 1 Senna 62 Gallagher 2 Ferrazza 61 Mrs. Though not fit for wine the purple grapes are good to be made into fresh grape juice rich in flavanoid anti oxidants. There is a little purple flower which helped in removing the pink colour from Noor Mohammad lake samples during our trials. Fans of Deep Purple and Whitesnake didnt find it hard to place Heeps music because they are a more or less a blend of the two iconic bands. After a forward run finished fourth to Purple Glade over 1600m in his last start in fine condition. Color Purple directed by Steven Spielberg limelights male chauvinism illiteracy that was more prevalent among AfroAmerican societies in the early 20th century. The bacteria could be observed under the microscope and the research team identified it as Amoeba bacter of the purple sulphur group.