purification meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
purification meaning in tamil is பாவம் நீக்கி புனிதப்படுத்து, சுத்தப்படுத்து

purification meaning in tamil with example

purification tamil meaning and more example for purification will be given in tamil.
Befesa Construction Technologia Ambiental of Spain along with Chennai Water Desalination Limited has received the Centres nod to undertake desalination of sea water and its purification to make it potable as also treat water for irrigation industrial drinking and other purposes. Mr Agarwal said all the fish tanks that came up illegally on the encroached Government lands within the plusfive contour of the lake would be dismantled by the end of March and purification of water in the water body would be undertaken in JuneAugust. The Bhagavad Gita enjoins man to act surrendering the result to God without expectation of result for purification of the mind as this is the prerequisite for adopting the path of wisdom leading to liberation. His final teaching Charama sloka advising Arjuna not to grieve and surrender to Him has thus been interpreted as renouncing the fruit of action to God Karma yoga which would result in purification of mind necessary to receive spiritual knowledge. According to the company it has plans to set up a factory for manufacturing activated carbon from coconutshell charcoal which could be used for purification of water and air. A model of forest village threepot water purification system janata refrigerator and a Jain temple were the major attractions for students. The swimming pool has the latest technology including water softening filtering and purification plants. A water purification plant capable of dispensing 10000 litres of purified water a day was inaugurated on the premises of St.