punishment meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
punishment meaning in tamil is தண்டனை

punishment meaning in tamil with example

punishment tamil meaning and more example for punishment will be given in tamil.
But Erskine May the leading authority on Parliament says it is more convenient to treat expulsions as one of the methods of punishment at the disposal of the House. Though none of the schools admit to the use of punishment to discipline students teachers often resort to punishing children in different ways. The brighter children are more sensitive to all types of punishment and children who are beaten by parents at home are less sensitive to physical punishment in school. The judgement of this panel must be beyond the purview of the federation which at the moment is viewed as being subjected to pulls and pressures from groups rendering the punishment accorded into a mockery. Mr.Shiva Reddy was one among the 13 leaders who had escaped from capital punishment ordered by the Nizam. Relying on the Supreme Court guidelines he said the subordinate court must consider the seriousness of the offence nature of accusation severity of punishment in case of conviction and reasonable apprehension of tampering with witnesses while granting bail in such cases. The punishment would be made deterrent but people must understand that it was being done for their own good. As he was caught with a lit beedi he received a novel punishment at the hands of Judicial Magistrate III Nagarajan. Violation of traffic rules should be sternly dealt with so that fear of punishment serves as a deterrent. If a regularized officer were involved in such an incident the maximum punishment would be termination from service.