puncture meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
puncture meaning in tamil is ரயர்) வண்டிச் சக்கரம் காற்றுப் போகுதல்

puncture meaning in tamil with example

puncture tamil meaning and more example for puncture will be given in tamil.
In all his four years of life if there is anything this puny kid had perhaps learnt quite well is the harsh reality that the monthly puncture on his wrist would only energise him to play for the next two weeks. A total of 143 men underwent nonscalpel vasectomy NSV and 123 women double puncture vasectomy DPL surgeries at the camp. The nails were big enough to puncture the tyres of vehicles like scooters motorcycles cars jeeps and even bigger vehicles. While this process is on they puncture the existing MES and telephone cables not intentionally and residents often have to do without power and telephone connection for 23 days. One Tamil Nadu athlete dropped out with a puncture while a Manipuri lad Minachandra Singh had the shock of crashing into a moped which had managed to break the police cordon to come in his way. Reddy told The HolyIndia that has adapted and perfected the double puncture laparoscopic sterilisation technique for camp sterilisation which is simple and painless. When the whole structure is illegal why did you just puncture it it should have been demolished completely the Bench observed. The driver Ram Sewak of Delhi along with the tourists then went to a highway dhaba to find out a puncture repair shop he said. They sought to puncture claims purported to have been made by the then External Affairs Minister in the National Democratic Alliance Government who had escorted three terrorists freed in exchange for the safe release of the passengers on December 31 1999.