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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
punch meaning in tamil is கை முட்டியால் தாக்குதல்

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Both excel in astute techniques like dribbling faking and accuracy but without any punch in the passes. Shijas Mohammed spiked superbly and Rajil Mathew and Ujwal Shetty added more punch to the Services attack. With better control and first pass the Army team delivered a stunning knockout punch on Uttaranchal. Megha who increased the pace and punch of her shots as the match progressed handled the challenge from the hard working Italian with remarkable composure. However the 28yearold Indian Oil officer from Chennai asserted her class in the climax as she stroked with punch and poise to send the ball skidding for winners on the grass court. Clooney wants journalists to switch from a twohands approach to a single jabbing punch on such issues as Iraq and oil. Of course the fact that movie ends with a bit of punch saves a few blushes remember our man might be down in the dumps but he is not out. Not one to be subdued easily the girl jumps out of the car slaps the man delivers a punch and a hard kick as well. In the various fight sequences for example you can almost hear his joints creak as he pretends to still be able to throw a punch and take it. The stroke of the day for the skill it demanded was when Cook countered a low Kumble slider that turned into him with a punch through the covers. He threw a punch 151 the barest of releases for the emotions pent up 151 before being engulfed by backslapping hairtousling teammates. It was a tame finish for Torresi who lacked the punch in his heavilyspun strokes to outwit the fleetfooted Inoyatov.