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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pulley meaning in tamil is கப்பி

pulley meaning in tamil with example

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It was reported that they and six other labourers were lifting stone slabs at a graveyard when the pulley came in contact with a highvoltage wire. The Firemen equipped with breathing apparatus were lowered to the base of the well using a rope and pulley mechanism. The Chandrashekar group was asked to work on the pulley system the Einstein group was assigned the task of constructing a solar water heater and solar fan the P.C. Ray team had to work on a windmill project while the Raman team was given the parallax vision model. Energy is generated as the dynamo coupled with the pulley that is attached to the front roller of the treadmill rotates. It was tied to a fence around the park using locally available ropes and did not even have the pulley or a hook to slide the rope through to ensure that the flag was hoisted properly. On Monday 16 balls were hoisted above the crater on a pulley before being dropped from a height of 5 m.