puddle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
puddle meaning in tamil is தேங்கிய நீர்

puddle meaning in tamil with example

puddle tamil meaning and more example for puddle will be given in tamil.
With the weather getting hot and dusty the pigeons try to beat the heat in a puddle of water at the India Gate lawns in New Delhi on Tuesday . PHOTO S. Through this intervention the highly water and labourdemanding conventional puddle transplanting is replaced with zerotilled directsowing systems of rice. Cyclists ride past a puddle of water on Rajpath after Delhi was lashed with rain for the second consecutive day on Monday. In a departure from the usual practice the venue was shifted to Indoor Stadium from the police parade grounds in the last minute as the latter turned to a huge puddle of rainwater. I am reminded of what Gandhiji once said If we Indians could only spit in unison we would form a puddle big enough to drown 3000000 Englishmen. S. It is a common sight to see a small crowd of people near a well patiently waiting for water to ooze through the ground to form a muddy puddle at the bottom.