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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
proxy meaning in tamil is உரிமை பெற்ற பிரதிநிதி

proxy meaning in tamil with example

proxy tamil meaning and more example for proxy will be given in tamil.
One big advantage of online voting could be that it can be linked to a fingerprint scanning system for remote voters to prove their identity and prevent proxy voting. Even a partisan presiding officer in a polling booth cannot encourage or allow proxy voting as in the case of electronic voting machines that can be forcibly misused. Prospective voters who opt for remote voting are also likely to be people who dont always reside in a locality for reasons of work and a soft target for proxy voters Mr. But as long as it faced the challenges of lowintensity conflicts the proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir and insurgency in the northeast and also had to man a large number of posts along the border the present level of 11 lakh personnel should be retained. The present situation where a proxy war is going on in Jammu and Kashmir is likely to go on till Pakistan realises that it cannot match India even when it comes to nuclear warfare. In addition there are moves within Congress and the administration to increase support for technologies such as proxy browsers that would allow Internet users in China to circumvent firewalls. Musharraf for his uturn on Afghanistan on orders from Washington accuse him of fighting a second proxy war on behalf of the U.S. the first in Afghanistan from 1979 to 89. We have a good number of women representatives in local bodies but their contribution to improve the quality of discussions is questionable as proxy representation is on the rise. He saw light at the end of the tunnel. Stating that the 16yearold proxy war had made a dent on communal amity he regretted that Kashmiriat was eroded due to religious fundamentalism all these years. Yet there was hope he said.