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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
provision meaning in tamil is பல சரக்கு

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Hence the NABARD has decided to extend a helping hand to those who are making coconutbased handicraft items by providing skill upgrading provision of common infrastructure and creating marketing avenues for the finished products said the Assistant General Manager NABARD P. Womens plight The report expressed concern at the fatal road accidents and demanded steps by the administration to contain them and provision of information on conviction of criminals. Such an eventuality can be avoided only if the Government bridges the gap created now through the provision of the required subsidy he added. The Bureau of Indian Standards BIS which oversees its implementation has come out with a revised NBC2005 a more comprehensive set of construction rules making provision for safe design and construction of buildings against natural disasters. The farmers themselves have given suggestions for improvement of the Rythu Bazars such as provision of zero energy cooling chambers fixing of farmerfriendly prices barring middlemen better transport facilities and provision of more spacious stalls. The District Revenue Officer has asked the ESI authorities to apply in a specific form mentioning the survey numbers of the land land plan schedule requirement and provision of funds. The conference resolved to establish a deemed university for promoting professional courses with a provision to open its campuses in other parts of the country and abroad. Murthy said though roadwidening was currently being taken up on several stretches no provision was being made for bus bays and urged space for bus bays for hasslefree boarding and alighting wherever such a work was on.