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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
provide meaning in tamil is வழங்கு

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The project is designed to provide supplementary and alternative source of income to the poor agriculturists by engaging them in nonfarm sector activities. He wanted the State Government to take necessary steps to bring back the labourers and provide them employment. Sources said the move was necessary to provide enough land for the construction of the medical college. India being the larger economy among the seven membercountries has to provide certain concessions to the four least developed countries LDCs. Although a traditional Mising Chang Ghar does not have a balcony or a glass window the architects have had added the features made of bamboo to provide it a mix of traditional and modern architecture. Ravi accused the UPA Government at the Centre of failing to provide security to the nation against terrorist attacks. Hence it urged the Chief Minister not to extend the scheme to the Roman Catholic churches and instead provide essential commodities to orphanages student hostels and homes for children aged handicapped and visually impaired run by the church. He said health and teaching wings would be bifurcated as part of the reforms in order to provide better services to people. The idea he added was not to merely make the rural people open the account but to provide them with financial assistance to pursue gainful employment and encourage in them the concept of saving. He suggested that committees comprising persons not connected with the school especially representatives of nongovernmental organisations are appointed to each school to provide counselling so that the students would disclose their problems to the committee without any fear.